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I tend to daydream and zone-out a ton. This is kind of the culmination of lack of sleep and not listening in class. :D


Nothing special, entertaining, music was ‘alright’, a less ominous Daft Punk (Tron Legacy), very light on story, twists kept the momentum going, predictable, acting was alright, though visuals were the highlight, honestly, if it were 20/30 minutes longer it would’ve been day and night better.

2nd and 3rd act were rushed with completely wasted emotional moments.

Solid B.

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  1. burbanked said: Rare to hear that a movie should be *longer*. Most modern movies are overstuffed.
  2. foot-fucking-master said: Now I’m pissed. I guess I better not spend the money for IMAX.
  3. juleswinnfield said: Interesting. I was cautiously optimistic about this and I still wanna check it out.
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